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Changing out Water Filter for a Kitchen Aid SxS

We do not recommend buying water filters from Amazon. Those water filters are cheaper but will cost you a service call. We only buy OEM parts. Buying an Amazon part is risky. Anyone can sell things on Amazon. Buying a fake filter can fail to remove asbestos, lead or other chemicals that are harmful to you.

Refer to your Refrigerator owners manual before installing a water filter. This water filter is being installed into a KitchenAid Refrigerator Side by Side.

  1. Buy OEM part from manufacturer

  2. Press eject button to release filter

  3. Pull the filter straight out

  4. Turn cap counter clockwise to remove filter (Don't throw away cap, this is apart of your refrigerator)

  5. Align the ridge on the cap with the arrow on the new filter, and turn the cap until it snaps into place.

  6. Remove protective covers from the O-rings, Be sure the O-ring is still in place after covers are removed.

  7. Push filter into base grille. The eject button will pop back out, when the filter is fully engaged.

  8. Flush the water system to see waster and ice dispenses.

If you have any issue with your water filter inside of your Refrigerator,

Call Abbott Appliance (443) 686-1784 for replacement install.

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