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Cleaning your Dishwasher

Cleaning your Dishwasher

(Read over owner’s Manual for cleaning guidelines.)

The below cleaning process is for a Kitchen Aid dishwasher.

We recommend Whirlpool Products and Kitchen Aid is a Whirlpool product.

But it is always the customer decision to buy what they desire. Kitchen Aid has more features in their appliances than Whirlpool models.

Every dishwasher model is made differently. So, feel free to refer to your model’s manual.

Remove any dishes that are inside of your dishwasher. We recommend using Affresh tablets to power wash any mineral deposits and hard water accumulation inside of dishwasher. Run dishwasher with Affresh tablet on a normal cycle. Remember you wash off plates and bowls before placing them inside dishwasher. Food left over can clog drain pump/filter making your dishwasher not clean properly. We have seen lemon seeds inside of pumps, causing us to replace the entire drain pump. Clean the inside filter every couple of weeks, for anything that could have slipped through by mistake. Check your owner’s manual for location of your filter. In our model it is right in the bottom center of the dishwasher. We dump any debris inside of our trash and rinse off the filter with hot water and re-install. If your dishwasher is still causing spotting or filming, make sure you use recommended dishwasher detergent for your dishwasher. Happy Cleaning, Please feel free to give us a Call with any of your dishwasher issues or concerns. We are happy to help.

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