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Spring Cleaning Your Appliance

Cleaning Your Refrigerator, Spring Cleaning is near. January 23, 2023

When moving your Refrigerator. Ask for help, Refrigerators are extremely heavy. When cleaning, pull the refrigerator straight out, do not wiggle. If you have pets inside your home cleaning your condenser every 3 months is recommended. Unplug refrigerator, remove base grill, use your vacuum to suck out any debris and dust, then reinstall base grill. Sweep, mop, and let dry underneath your refrigerator to keep your home feeling clean and fresh. Finally, plug your refrigerator back in. Be careful when sliding back into place, so floors are not scratched.

When cleaning the inside of your refrigerator DO NOT use harsh cleaners/ scrubs. We recommend you use Dawn dish soap with a sponge or soft wash cloth. Hand wash, rinse and air dry draws, shelves and glass racks. Do not clean glass with warm water when shelves are cold. A sudden temperature change could cause your shelves/ cover to crack or break. Be especially careful removing and re-installing shelves, they are costly to replace. Also avoid dropping for your protection they are installed with tempered glass, so they will shattered in small pieces. We recommend you use Arm and Hammer baking soda opened to absorb and neutralize unwanted odors. Go through your refrigerator once a week to clean out old products or uneaten produce. Happy Cleaning.

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